SAP transition

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by an SAP transition to equip your company for future challenges.

SAP transition

Is your company ready for the SAP transition?

There are many reasons for an SAP transition. However, it almost always results in a costly restructuring that affects not only IT, but the entire company. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunities offered by an SAP transition to prepare your company for future challenges.

Before this transition process can begin, you should put your company to the test and identify the company’s maturity level for the SAP transition. ERPvisors has developed special, tried-and-tested proof-of-concepts and quick-check approaches for this purpose, which, together with our customers, uncover potential weaknesses and proactively initiate potential solutions and optimizations at an early stage of the SAP transition.

Especially in volatile and dynamic times, your company needs to be constantly prepared for the expected challenges. ERPvisors therefore pursues a continuous and holistic IT and SAP strategy approach to provide your company with seamless support on this journey. As an SAP partner, our customers benefit from the latest developments.

SAP project plan despite agile project work

Experience shows that most SAP transition projects do not fail due to the core competencies of the employees, but rather due to the time required to combine the partial services into an overall result, rather than integrative and holistic project planning. The planning of such a project is often underestimated. That’s why a structured phase structure is fundamental to a successful SAP S/4HANA transition and points the way forward. That’s why we accompany you from start to finish!

Initialization: Prepare the right path together with ERPvisors!

It’s like many other things: Good preparation is the be-all and end-all for successful project implementation. ERPvisors helps you to choose the right path right from the start. As part of our readiness check, we determine at an early stage which steps still need to be prepared. We take a close look at your existing IT landscape together with you.

Do you want to reorganize your IT but have not yet defined your final goals? With our tried-and-tested process models and user stories, we build suitable scenarios to develop a suitable target picture. Seamless documentation helps us not to lose sight of the target concepts during the project.

During the implementation phase, the full potential of the transition process should be exploited. ERPvisors helps you to keep an eye on all relevant success factors to ensure a smooth go-live. From seamless support during the hypercare phase to employee training, ERPvisors offers you a complete product portfolio that is tailored to your needs in close consultation with the customer.

Standardization and harmonization are key success factors for the widespread use of an SAP solution. ERPvisors is the right partner at your side for this. Why? Because we have the right expertise, for example in the form of a rollout readiness check, template development or a retrofit analysis.

S/4HANA transition - the key to success

How do we integrate the IT strategy into the strategic picture of our company? What is the right way to achieve the IT goals? What measures need to be taken in order to survive in a fast-moving competitive environment?

According to our numerous project experiences, the following success factors are particularly important:

IT infrastructure

Which IT systems are already in place and how can they be integrated? Which systems may need to be replaced?


Which actual processes exist and how are they mapped in the SAP system? What do the target processes look like? Is the necessary process know-how available?

Hierarchical anchoring of the project

Is the transition process communicated from management to the organization? Are the various stakeholders supported and orchestrated by management?


How is the company structure organized? Are there any special features that make the changeover more difficult?

Framework conditions

What framework conditions need to be taken into account? Do these framework conditions have an aggravating effect on the changeover plan?

The right partner

Partner selection is one of the key success factors in an S/4 transition. As a trusted partner, we are at your side at every stage of the project, and at an excellent level at all times.

Additional services

SAP Strategy

Everyone knows it, but very few have internalized it: ERP transition processes should not be seen as pure IT projects!

ERP selection

At ERPvisors, we have set ourselves the goal of providing you with holistic, tool-agnostic advice on all issues that arise during the selection and implementation of ERP and complementary business-critical IT systems.

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