SAP Scoping

Have you defined the SAP solution scope precisely enough as part of the SAP scoping process so that you don’t get bogged down in details later on?

SAP Scoping

Have you fully recorded your requirements profile as part of SAP scoping?

A key success factor for your SAP project is the precise definition of the SAP requirements profile. Together with our customers, the requirements are hierarchized and evaluated according to specialist areas, specialist topics, functions and options using a standardized solution catalog. This applies both to an initial SAP implementation project and to customization and change projects.

We define the technical system settings and content required to take all catalog elements into account and to support the requirements. ERPvisors works with you to develop the scope of the solution, which serves as an assessment grid for the subsequent SAP implementation.

From the big picture to the details: Which SAP modules are relevant for your company?

Various SAP module solutions are required to support the processes in the roadmap. Our experts at ERPvisors will advise you in detail on processes and the associated SAP modules:

Sales (SAP SD)

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a module in the SAP software that focuses on sales and distribution processes in your company. It enables the efficient management of sales activities, customer orders, deliveries and invoices. By integrating various business processes, SAP SD helps companies to optimize their sales activities and manage the entire order processing cycle.

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) is a module in the SAP software that focuses on the management of supply chains and logistics processes. It supports companies in planning, coordinating and optimizing their entire supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of end products. By integrating various business processes, SAP SCM enables holistic control and improved efficiency throughout the entire supply chain

SAP FI/CO (Financial Accounting/Controlling) is an integrated module in the SAP software that is designed to support you in financial accounting and controlling processes. In the financial accounting part (FI), financial transactions, accounting and external reporting are created and managed, while the controlling part (CO) focuses on internal processes such as cost accounting, budgeting and performance analyses. SAP FI/CO enables a comprehensive analysis of financial data to support companies in the efficient management of their financial resources.

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module in the SAP software that focuses on the management of materials and the associated business processes. It covers the entire procurement process, from requirements planning to procurement and warehouse management. SAP MM enables companies to manage their material flows efficiently and supports the optimization of purchasing and warehouse processes.

SAP CS (Customer Service) is a module in the SAP software that focuses on the management of customer service and service processes in companies. It supports the management of service requests, maintenance contracts, repairs and other customer-specific services. By integrating service processes, SAP CS enables efficient processing of customer orders and helps to improve customer satisfaction.

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) is a module in the SAP software that focuses on the management of personnel processes in companies. It includes functions such as personnel administration, organizational management, time management and payroll accounting. SAP HCM enables the comprehensive administration of human resources and supports companies in efficiently organizing, managing and remunerating their employees.

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Process Consulting

Have you considered taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the SAP transition to optimize your IT processes in the long term? Turn the tables and proactively initiate the SAP transformation process with process improvements!


SAP solutions are diverse.Before you get bogged down in the process details and the associated individual solutions, we support you in standardizing your processes as far as possible.

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