SAP Process Consulting

Turn the tables and proactively initiate the SAP transformation process with process improvements!

SAP Process Consulting

Everything from the beginning:
Where can IT process improvements be identified?

Have you considered taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the SAP transition to optimize your IT processes in the long term? Turn the tables and proactively initiate the SAP transformation process with process improvements!

Digital business models, customized products, mobile devices and a shortened life cycle of processes and technologies are intensifying global competition and the need for efficient business processes. This often contrasts with the reality in many companies: Fragmented processes and system landscapes, encapsulated isolated solutions and local special applications make flexibility, transparency and effective and efficient IT support difficult.

Have you considered using the SAP transition for your process optimization?

The SAP S/4HANA transition offers the opportunity to review existing processes and adapt them promptly if necessary. ERPvisors has developed numerous best-practice solutions to support you in process analysis and subsequent optimization.

As part of our tried-and-tested preliminary analyses, we can quickly identify efficiency potential and identify potential savings for you. We are convinced that the SAP S/4HANA transition process can only succeed if the processes are first revised and recorded in a process map.

Do you know the maturity level of your IT and SAP processes?

The process design and complete documentation of all relevant IT and SAP processes is one of the key success factors for the SAP S/4HANA transition process. As part of a maturity analysis, ERPvisors can record the current status of your company and identify potential areas for improvement in the shortest possible time. We can help you with this.

Are you having difficulties with structured process analysis?
Our experts will work with you to develop process maps using common tool-based solutions.

Have you considered all process peculiarities in your company?

At ERPvisors, the customer comes first! This is why our project work focuses on existing or customized process solutions. As part of our customer development approach, such customized solutions are discussed and evaluated together with our customers based on their impact.

Whether it involves the necessary transfer of existing code, the development of supporting Fiori apps or the integration of existing system landscapes, ERPvisors can provide you with customized advice on potential solutions. If a suitable solution is not yet available, ERPvisors is also able to develop a suitable solution for you and then implement it.

Do you have good data quality for the implementation of your SAP concepts?

The evaluations are only as good as the data quality allows. To increase the quality and consistency of data, companies need to manage and secure their master data centrally – ideally with a proven framework such as SAP MDG.

ERPvisors supports you in master data management tasks to ensure higher data quality and the clear assignment of responsibilities. This should enable your company to benefit from the advantages of harmonized master data as early as possible. Would you like to know more about this topic? Then please contact our team of experts.

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SAP solutions are diverse. Before you get bogged down in the process details and the associated individual solutions, we support you in standardizing your processes as far as possible.

SAP Scoping

Have you defined the SAP solution scope precisely enough as part of the SAP scoping process so that you don’t get bogged down in details later on?

Do you want support from experts?

Are you planning to implement SAP S/4HANA? Would you like professional and efficient advice and support?