Modules of implemen­tation

Fast innovation cycles, agility, flexibility, generation of customer added value and customer proximity are just some of the maxims at ERPvisors. As the human factor plays a central role for us, we focus intensively on developing customized solutions in order to generate tangible added customer value for you with our process model – from the very first minute!

Modules of implementation

Do you have acute difficulties in warehouse management (EWM)?

Modern warehouse management must be designed in such a way that your company can react to dynamically changing conditions in an agile and situation-specific manner. Due to the increasing complexity of the environment and internal business processes, this regularly presents companies with major challenges that are almost impossible for them to solve.

Our EWM-Tasforce offers a way out of this predicament. Our team of experts specializes in optimizing your warehouse processes with SAP EWM. We support you in minimizing the costs of your warehouse and establishing a sustainable and risk-resistant warehouse operation.

With SAP EWM, you can react quickly to changing business conditions, manage a high volume of goods and operate sustainably with digitized warehouse processes in the cloud.

ERPvisors is happy to support you with intelligent warehouse planning to optimize your logistics and warehouse processes. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our team of consultants and arrange an initial consultation.

Are you ready for data cleansing and migration?

Those who work extensively with master data are aware of the importance of high data quality and, above all, the situation that can arise if master data is not maintained in a central location. The aim should therefore be to bring the master data together in an organized form.

ERPvisors uses special methods to identify MDG-relevant data objects in your company, work out the necessary harmonization measures and implement customer-specific processes for mappings, new creation and maintenance of master data.

Accompanying master data monitoring is at least as important. Holistic monitoring concepts with associated workflows ensure company-wide data governance in the long term and ensure that the right data will continue to be available in the leading systems in the future.

Who should have access to which data in future?

Every recipient of information has a different need for information, and that’s a good thing! The aim of a new IT architecture should be to make the right information available to the right information recipient at the right time and in the right format. This task requires a sophisticated authorization concept, which we develop and define together with you.

For the definition, follow our ERPvisors guiding principle: As few authorizations as possible and as many authorizations as necessary. Take the opportunity to fundamentally review your authorization concept, simplify it and use process-specific definitions in order to maintain the integrity of the system.

Why do many companies fail to have sophisticated test management?

The successful implementation of S/4HANA requires a careful and thorough test phase to ensure that the solution works smoothly and fits into the existing system architecture.

S/4HANA test scripts are used in the pilot and rollout phases to carry out the tests. These scripts serve as a structured guide for testing different scenarios and functionalities to ensure that the solution meets the business requirements.

Test management is systematized and optimized by using the ERPvisors phase approach. This approach provides a clear framework for the organization and execution of tests to ensure a systematic review of all relevant aspects of the S/4HANA solution. We use systems available on the market for this purpose. This covers the entire process chain from requirements definition and implementation management through to test and defect management.

Do you know how to avoid nasty surprises with cut-over management?

An SAP transition is a laborious undertaking. This makes it all the more important to choose the right time for the transition to the new productive system. With our sophisticated cut-over management methods, we take a close look and identify potential obstacles.

As in many other areas, the same applies to cut-over management: good preparation is half the battle! ERPvisors supports you in this phase, for example with standardized checklists, templates and project plans that are tailored to your project needs.

Our philosophy is based on identifying and selecting a suitable cut-over scenario. Take advantage of our know-how from numerous SAP projects to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Are your employees prepared for the S/4 transition?

Many difficulties in transition projects only arise when the system goes live. A training and key user training concept that fits in with your corporate culture must therefore be developed to ensure a successful transition.

ERPvisors not only helps you to bundle the necessary know-how in your company, but we also want to take your employees along on the transition journey, right from the start!

The focus of our ERPvisors approach is not just on generating short-term added value. We want to work with you to increase current acceptance of the new technology, build up knowledge management and work with you to lay the foundations to ensure that you are always two steps ahead of your competitors with your agile business models.

Have you thought about the necessary resources for the hypercare phase?

In numerous transition projects, we have found that our customers are eagerly awaiting the day of the system changeover and forget that intensive support for the systems must be ensured during the hypercare phase.

From our point of view, it is essential, especially in this phase, not only to be quickly available for our customers, but also to work with them directly on site to solve any problems that arise as part of defect management.

With our best-practice approaches, we ensure that we can help you quickly with your problems.

What is important in rollout management?

As is so often the case, good preparatory work makes the work in later project phases easier. In rollout management, we initially concentrate on working with you to identify potential gaps on the basis of a readiness check in order to define an effective rollout strategy.

Through a retrofit analysis, we bring your system up to a uniform standard. We work with you to develop standard templates that can be used as the basis for an accelerated rollout. In doing so, we take into account both the strategic requirements of the management and the operational requirements of the business.

Away from sequential solutions towards rollout standardization.

ERPvisors supports you in designing the templates in such a way that they can be rolled out in parallel over several waves in a largely fixed and standardized manner. This replaces a sequential rollout with an industrialized approach that saves considerable time and resources.

Are you already in the rollout phase and do you have any questions? No problem! We will be happy to support you. Thanks to our experience from many rollout projects, we not only have experienced consultants, but also a toolbox for rollouts that are stuck. Especially in such unfavorable situations, it is valuable to have a trustworthy partner at your side to guide you back on the right track.

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